A little about Me - Mila's Canine Couture

Hi everyone, my name is Mila. I am a toy Maltipoo and I love FASHION!!!!

When my huMOM was searching for designer inspired clothing and accessories for me, she was having a difficult time finding them. Not only the size, but the styles as well. What was available, was plain, offered no style, was no where near trendy and definitely not me.

See my huMOM has worked in the fashion industry for over 30 years. She wanted to be able to have me express my individual style and personality. So, she took matters into her own hands, contacted several manufacturers and Mila's Canine Couture was born.

Humans express their unique style and personalities
through what they wear. 
Why should it be different for their fur babies? 
It's time to let out little personalities shine through.
Give our styles a chance. 
We know your fur babies will love the way they look and feel.
Give me the chance to influence the fashion style of your fur baby.
Thank you for visiting and supporting my small business.
~ Mila